Joining Tables with SQL

I recently learned about joining tables with SQL (and using the data in PHP) and it has made database creation and management so easy. This was something I struggled with understanding on my own until a friend was kind enough to share her code with me and allow me to play around with it. I’m … Read more

PHP 101 Project: Building a Guestbook

Hi! If you want to get into working with database back-ends, then hopefully this guide will help! I’m going to walk through building a guestbook that has three of the four vital functions of a modern web app: creating, reading, and deleting. This guide is designed for those with no PHP knowledge, and for those … Read more

Introduction to Databases

Most interactive websites save data in a database. An app with the ability to manipulate database data is often called CRUD – Create, Read, Update, Delete, because these are the functions we use to change the information in the database. The types of web servers that support this function are usually ones with a full … Read more

How to make a static website on cPanel

This tutorial is for creating a static website using cPanel, or any apache file host with a file manager. This tutorial assumes you’ve already set up a domain with your website. Creating your homepage Log in to your webserver dashboard Click on File Manager Open the folder called public_html, which should be in the file … Read more

Password protect a webpage

If you want a simple authentication method for a private page, the best way to do this on Leprd (and other apache webhosts) by creating htaccess and htpasswd files. Create the password file Go to the directory (folder) of the pages you want to protect. Create a file and name it .htpasswd We want to … Read more

Import a database schema into phpMyAdmin

If you’re using code that someone else created, it’s necessary to use the exact same database schema or setup so that the code can communicate with the database. First, you have to make sure that you’ve created a database, and a user has been assigned permissions to that database. I have a guide covering how … Read more

Create a user and database on Leprd

In order to use a database, you must create one first and assign a user authorized to view that database. The ‘user’ in this case will be you, but it is executed by your PHP code. To begin, login to your cPanel dashboard. Under the Databases area, click on MySQL Databases.  At the top … Read more

Mount your Leprd site on your PC

I got this working by using a program called Rclone. It is a command line utility that allows you to sync and mount files from an external source (like FTP or WebDAV). Even though it’s command-line only, it’s pretty simple to set up! Before we get started, we need to make sure we are using … Read more

How to set up Commentics on Neocities

If you have a server, you can use Commentics as a place for users to comment. Installing Commentics Log in to your cPanel Dashboard Under Software, click Softaculous Apps Installer On the left sidebar, open the Others category. Click on Commentics. Click Install Now. Under Software Setup, choose the domain and directory you would … Read more

Set up a custom domain with Leprd

Custom domains are only available with the Winter Wind plan. If you’d like to upgrade, just ask the admin. Pointing your domain to the server Domains are not free, so usually you’ll need to purchase one from a registrar like Porkbun. Before you can connect your domain to your server, you need to point the … Read more