How to back up your Neocities website locally [Windows][Supporter]

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This is a guide for backing up your Neocities site on Windows 10.

Please note there is currently a bug with backing up free accounts with the dashboard. Usually, when you click on Edit Site there is an option at the bottom to back up your site, but it disappears if your site is too large.

For this tutorial, you need a Neocities supporter account and we will be using Cyberduck.

  • If you haven’t yet, download and install the latest version of Cyberduck.
  • Open Cyberduck and click Open Connection at the top.
  • Paste this in the Server field:
  • Enter your neocities username and password.
  • Click Connect.
If you have more than one Neocities account on the same account, log in with your alternate username and the password of your main account.

Now you should see a listing of all of your files in Cyberduck. To download a backup of your website:

  • Select all of your files by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+A
  • Right-click on the highlighted blue files.
  • Choose Download To… and choose a folder on your PC to download the files to and click OK.
  • The Transfers window will pop up, but if you can’t find it, click on the Cyberduck icon in your taskbar.
    • You can track the download on this window. It will say Download complete at the end.
Remember even with a free account, you can pay the $5 for a one month subscription - so you can back up your site -  and then cancel the following month.

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