How to improve your experience online

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So, we’ve already established that the internet has changed.

We’re bombarded with ads like never before, blocked from reading the news and scientific papers without payment, spammed by marketing companies in our inboxes, and targeted by scammers and scalpers on Amazon.

I wanted to share some tips I’ve picked up along my way about how to improve the time you do spend online.

Use uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a fantastic ad-blocker, an absolute must-have. It’s available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. It blocks ads on YouTube automatically.

You can also right-click anywhere to block an element on the screen. This is so lovely for blocking ‘Upgrade Now!’ buttons/ads and of course, Twitter’s trending feed.

Protip: Go to and click 'add it to your adblocker' under the Easylist heading. This will block ads on sites like Twitter!

Remove website paywalls

Bypass Paywalls is a must-have and has been the only browser extension to successfully get me past the NYT and WaPo paywalls. On Chrome, you have to manually install it (it’s easy though!) and once Chrome updates, the extension is removed and must be reinstalled. is also a great resource, and you can actually prefix any URL with and it will remove the paywall.

For academic articles, I recommend the Unpaywall extension. If there’s a specific article you have the URL of, you can also try SciHub.

You can use to read any Medium article that asks you to log in.

Remove all the junk in your email

Nobody respects email anymore. 99% of it is marketing garbage.

Try out to bulk-unsubscribe to newsletters. It will ask you to log in with your Google, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud or AOL account and will list your subscriptions one-by-one, allowing you to unsubscribe to them all easily.

Protect yourself on Amazon

There’s a browser extension called CamelCamelCamel, and it adds an orange Camel icon in your URL bar at the top whenever you’re looking at an item on Amazon. When you click the icon, it will show you a history of prices for that item, so you can see if the item is priced relatively higher or lower than usual.

Another great extension is FakeSpot, which points out likely fake reviews for an Amazon listing.

Don’t limit yourself to browsing the same few websites

There are so many awesome websites out there. If you’re not sure where to start, check my links and surf the web pages for some interesting websites!

Utilize free software

There are lots of free alternatives to accomplish whatever you want to do online. Here are a few I know of – if there are others I should add, leave a comment.

Video EditingShotcut, DaVinci Resolve
Audio Recording/EditingTenacity
Graphics/PhotoGIMP, Photopea, Paint.NET
Vector GraphicsInkscape
3D AnimationBlender
UX PrototypingLunacy
Streaming/Screen CaptureOBS

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  1. Hey, I love your website!
    You should add Krita to the free software list (under graphics/photo). It is a great drawing/illustration program that works on Linux, Windows and Apple. I use it myself.


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