Set up a custom domain with Leprd

Custom domains are only available with the Winter Wind plan. If you’d like to upgrade, just ask the admin.

Pointing your domain to the server

Domains are not free, so usually you’ll need to purchase one from a registrar like Porkbun.

Before you can connect your domain to your server, you need to point the domain to the IP address that the server is on.

  • Log in wherever your domain is registered and go to the DNS Records section.
  • Create an A record.
  • If this is your first domain and you want to use this domain exclusively with your server:
  • For the Host field (or the field that shows, leave it blank.
  • If you’re using your domain somewhere else (like Neocities) and you want a subdomain to point to Leprd:
  • For the Host field (or the field that shows, put in the word that you want to come before “”.
  • For the Answer field, put in the IP address of your server.
    • If you’re not sure of the IP address, just log in to your leprd cPanel and look for the value under Shared IP Address.
  • Click Add.
Please note: Depending on your domain registrar, it might take a few hours to propagate the domain. This means, if you proceed from this point immediately, it might not work right away - but that's normal! Don't panic.

Configuring your domain on Leprd

Please be sure to wait at least 20-30 minutes after setting up your domain. It may take longer than that, so please keep it in mind!

  • Log in to your Leprd cPanel
  • Click on Addon Domains
  • Type in your New Domain Name at the top.
  • Make sure Document Root is pointing to the folder that your website resides in.
  • Click on Add Domain.

Now you must wait until the server assigns an SSL certificate, or most likely you won’t be able to visit your website from the URL.

  • Return to the cPanel dashboard.
  • Under the Security section, click on SSL/TLS Status.
  • Look for your new domain in the list. To the left of the domain, you should see a green lock icon. This means SSL has been successfully applied to the domain.
  • If there is a red icon instead, you may need to click Run AutoSSL at the top of the page. It takes a few minutes to run.
  • If your site is not getting the SSL certificate and it’s been a few hours since you set up your domain:
    • You can try removing your domain from Leprd’s Addon Domains section and then re-adding it, and returning to the SSL/TLS Status page to Run AutoSSL once more.
Tip: Once your domain is completed, you can add any subdomains directly to it by visiting the Subdomains area of the cPanel dashboard.

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