How to set up a redirect on your website

There are two main reasons most people want to set up a redirect:

  1. To redirect a page after changing the URL (so existing links to the old URL don’t break)
  2. To create an ‘easy’ link to an outside profile (like setting to redirect to your SpaceHey profile).

It’s really simple to do! I’ll lay things out, but if you just want the code you can scroll to the bottom!

I used to put all of my internet stuff at, but then I changed the name of the older to cyberspace, so the link changed to I didn’t want to break any links to my site for anyone still using the URL, so I made a redirect.

First, I needed to recreate a folder called cybercafe and place an index.html file in it.

Then, I needed to delete everything inside of the file so it’s completely blank.

Finally, I needed to paste this code, which handles the redirect:

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url='/cyberspace/'" />
Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

In the part that says url= between the apostrophes is the new path to my page. Since I’m starting it with a forward slash (/), it means it will point to (even though we left out the https stuff).

You can also include a fully qualified URL here (beginning with https…) to another page, like a profile on an external website.

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