HTML Final Project

Reading time: 1 minute(s)

You have completed the ‘absorbing information’ step and now it’s time to make something! Don’t be afraid to re-visit any pages you read to refresh your knowledge along the way.

I’m also going to give you a really useful tool to help you along the way:

This page has a lot of tags we haven’t gone over yet – but see if you can challenge yourself to use some of them and see what they do.

For this project, you will be working completely in CodePen. It’s not a terribly difficult project, but hopefully it will help you understand how the different pieces work together.

Project Steps

  1. Create a new CodePen, title and save it. Here’s a CodePen guide in case you missed it.
  2. In the HTML section, add an h1 tag with a snazzy title of your own choosing.
  3. Below your h1 element, add a smaller heading tag (the size is up to you) with a page subtitle.
  4. Then, create one or two short paragraphs wrapped in p tags. Include at least one link.
  5. Below your p element, create an unordered list of your favorite cold beverages.
  6. Finally, after your list, include an image of your pet. If you need somewhere to host images temporarily, works!

Extra Credit

  1. Put your creation up on Neocities, and make sure to upload your own image(s) and use relative links.